The Actor's Way

Breathe. Be. Connect.

A deeply intuitive expert acting coach.
“There are three fundamental elements that bring an actor home to herself, and to her very best work BBC: Breathing. Being. Connecting.” - Nike Imoru

Nike’s absolute passion is helping actors grow as performers through her own training program, The Actor's Way an immersive, on-camera studio practice and online seminar series which provides actors with practical tools to deepen and strengthen their performance, confidence, and overall presence. She is a trusted and supportive acting coach and “actor whisperer,” exceptionally capable of drawing out raw talent in an actor and helping them transform it into empowered performances.

After more than a fifteen years of focusing on coaching actors on-set and in the studio, and three decades working as a theatre artist and scholar, Nike consolidated her on-camera teaching into an immersive program called, The Actor's Way. This on-camera studio practice and online seminar series provides actors with practical training for empowered performance. Nike is considered an "actor whisperer" in the industry, empowering actors with the tools for transforming their craft